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Financial Analytics

Financial Data Analytics

Get clarity and direction from your Finance data

How It Works

We’re here to take bookkeeping stress off your plate.

1. We Make Starting Easy

Get started in under 60 minutes. Let us know how we can access your data.  We will immediately consolidate your data to create the appropriate dashboards for effective decision making.

2. We Create Your Dashboards

Have you ever noticed that car companies give you only 2 or 3 dashboards to effectively drive your car?  We do the same with your business.  We provide you with the most important daily dashboards to run your business with the ability to drilldown if necessary.

3. We Adjust Your Plans Based on Performance

Nothing is static.  We give you the agility to adjust your business plan and budgets based on your market and business feedback.

"We are surrounded by data but starved for insights."

Jay Baer | Marketing & Customer Experience Expert

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Financial data analytics – Simplicity

You don’t have to look into reams of paper to understand and improve your business position. You just need to know few data points that matter!

A New Era of Financial Analytics

You deserve a team of real people who care, bookkeepers and CPAs, dedicated to your business financials, doing accounting for you. We’re here to help.

Our financial experts understand your business

Norglobe. Let’s do it.

Spend time doing what you love to do. Run your business. Go on a date. Get more sleep. Have some fun! You deserve it.

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