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Online Payroll Solution

Our commitment is to pay your employees and tax authorities on time, avoid any tax penalties, and keep your workforce happy.

How It Works

We’re here to simplify and improve your payroll process

1. We Make Starting Easy

Get started in under 60 minutes. We make sure you have the right employee information to file your payroll and that you are filing with appropriate authorities.

2. We Do Your Payroll

Your employees are your biggest asset!  Make their life easier by automating their payroll process and giving them access to their payroll information and tax-free benefits  

3. We Keep You Up-To-Date

Our job is to make your life easier, not harder. We keep you informed about the new payroll tax regulations and forms required. 

Do you know the difference between a subcontractor and an employee and what forms to keep and file for both?

The IRS can severely penalize you when not keeping the right forms for employees and or subcontractors.  We will help you understand the forms to keep and when to file with your federal and state authorities. 

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Dedicated Payroll Experts!

There is a lot more to processing payroll than simply writing checks and handing them out to employees. Business owners are required to maintain accurate records, calculate and pay payroll taxes, and communicate effectively with their employees. Many business owners are finding that the time spent on processing their own payroll is not sustainable and keeps them from focusing on revenue-generating activities. We provide payroll administration services that allows you to focus on your business and outsource the entire process in a cost-effective and efficient manner.